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The Connectivity Centre is a hub for collaboration and support, matching job seekers with providers, and creating genuine opportunities for the community.



Spotlight on Oakdale

The Connectivity Centre could not carry out its work without the commitment and enthusiasm of Multiplex’s subcontractors, and this month we would like to shine a spotlight on one of those subcontractors, Oakdale.


Through their involvement at the Acute Services Building at Westmead and more recently the new Maitland Hospital, Oakdale has supported more than 20 Connectivity Centre trainees and graduates, equipping them with new skills and setting them on a path to a career in construction.

Oakdale has also participated in workshops for Connectivity Centre students and candidates, teaching them about employer expectations and workplace safety.


Mark Gusse, Work Health and Safety Coordinator at Oakdale said, “We fully support the opportunities provided by the Connectivity Centres to locals looking for work. We have had great success with the candidates provided to us and we look forward to working with the centres on future Multiplex projects.”


We appreciate and congratulate Oakdale for their ongoing support and commitment to this very important initiative.

The Canberra Connectivity Centre will soon be launching!

Supporting the Canberra Hospital Project, the Centre will coordinate employment and training opportunities; work experience programs; and traineeships and apprenticeships for the projects subcontractors and supply chain.

Working collaboratively with local organisations and maintaining a focus on engagement with the Canberra community and creating Shared Value.

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The Connectivity Centre team will provide/ facilitate a suite of wrap around services, directed to assisting those people looking for work on the Hospital project, to gain employment and achieve sustainable outcomes.


If you would like further information please contact Joanne Osborne on the following:


M  +61 428 878 245

Maitland Connectivity Centre Breaks the Stereotype 

In July we celebrated the inaugural Connectivity Centre Trainee of the Month Lisa Bevan, a 47 year old Mother of nine and Grandmother of 12 from Maitland.


Click through to read her story.

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There was an artistic buzz at Multiplex’s Westmead Connectivity Centre last week when the winners of the inaugural Westmead Redevelopment Photography Competition were announced. 


From more than 790 entries, 26 photographs were selected to be installed in the new Central Acute Services Building, which Multiplex will complete later this year. 


The winning entry was awarded to 39 year-old Federico Rekowski for his photograph titled Flow of Time. The black and white piece captures a popular tree landscape in Tuscany, which was first made famous as a screen saver for Windows XP. 



Winner Federico Rekowski with Multiplex
Winner Federico Rekowski with Multiplex

Photo of 2nd and third prize
Photo of 2nd and third prize

Winner Federico Rekowski
Winner Federico Rekowski

Winner Federico Rekowski with Multiplex
Winner Federico Rekowski with Multiplex


“I wanted to reflect that the trees are still standing but time has gone by," Federico said. "I took two photos and joined them at the bottom so it looks like it’s moving like a wave. 


“Art brings people together, which is why I think this is a brilliant initiative. Hospitals are usually sterile so having art on the walls moves people and creates a better atmosphere.” 


The photography competition was part of the Westmead Redevelopment’s Art and Culture Strategy, which recognises and supports the role of art in health and healing.

Portraits of Multiplex Site Manager Lucas McKeown and Safety Warden Munro Jones were unveiled at our Westmead hospital site this week as part of a series of artworks commissioned for the Westmead Redevelopment's Art and Culture Program.⁣

The portraits were painted by Tim Cao, one of 10 artists in residence at the ArtsLab@Westmead, a studio space we have provided for local artists within our Westmead Connectivity Centre.⁣

They will feature in the new Hospital building we are delivering, along with more than a dozen other works created by the local artistic community. ⁣

Portrait Unveiling

Marily Cintra addresses guests HH
Marily Cintra addresses guests HH

Marily Cintra addresses guests HH
Marily Cintra addresses guests HH


We were delighted to host Minister for Multiculturalism Ray Williams at the Connectivity Centre in January and introduce him to some of the fantastic work we are doing here as a collective group. Minister Williams was here to launch the Science Art Explorers Project, a grant awarded to explore youth opportunities and development within the areas of Science and Art. He took the opportunity to look around the Connectivity Centre and was thrilled with the opportunities we are creating for disadvantaged groups in the community.

Project Launch

Congratulations to this latest group of graduates who celebrated completing their Prevocational Training and Traineeship Program at the Multiplex Connectivity Centre at Westmead on Friday. This program is delivered in partnership with Fusion Training and the Connectivity Centre Collaborative Group, and provides trainees with the skills they need to undertake a formal traineeship within the construction industry.

Latest graduates



Congratulations to the Westmead Redevelopment project on the launch of its new arts and culture strategy. It aims to transform experiences at Westmead through the arts across healthcare, education, training, research and wellbeing, and we’re proud to support it.


The Westmead Connectivity Centre and Metro Assist recently hosted an open day and barbecue for 36 recently-arrived migrants and people from refugee backgrounds, to showcase opportunities for careers in construction.


Metro Assist CEO Lou Bacchiella said the session highlighted the hidden talent already in our communities, with more than half the participants having had overseas experience and qualifications ranging from trade to high-level engineering skills.

“A major hurdle to skilled migrants and refugees is the complex and expensive process of having qualifications assessed and undergoing retraining, with no job guarantee at the end because they don’t have local industry experience,” he said. “We believe the way forward is to match people’s skills with employer needs and to give this cohort a hand up in gaining local experience and staying connected to their profession.”

Multiplex-Refugee-GEORGE FETTING-201
Multiplex-Refugee-GEORGE FETTING-201

Multiplex-Refugee-GEORGE FETTING-030
Multiplex-Refugee-GEORGE FETTING-030

Multiplex-Refugee-GEORGE FETTING-201
Multiplex-Refugee-GEORGE FETTING-201


Talent in our midst

The new Arts Lab at Westmead Connectivity Centre has recently received a boost of $50,000 from Create NSW. One of nine projects funded through the Western Sydney Making Spaces program, the Arts Lab is an experimental space for artists, curators and cultural workers to build capacity for health/arts projects at Westmead. The grant will provide opportunities for ten residencies until 2019. These residencies could create permanent or ephemeral art works for Westmead Hospital or be exploratory art projects within the Westmead Health Precinct and local communities.

Arts Lab for our Centre

Multiplex-Refugee-GEORGE FETTING-007.jpg

During Naidoc Week, on 10th July, we proudly hosted an exhibition of local Indigenous artists engaged in our Westmead Connectivity Centre project. Indigenous mentor Rebecca Ryan (pictured right) and Axis Plumbing apprentice Kenny Dickson were joined by local painter John Hines with Indigenous carvings provided by Kirk Cain. The artworks are currently on display at the

Connectivity Centre and will be moved to Westmead Hospital at the end of July.

Naidoc Week

Our Maitland Centre

The Connectivity Centre concept has been successfully used across NSW, including in Maitland where Multiplex recently completed the redevelopment of the Stockland Green Hills shopping centre. Congratulations to our Green Hills Connectivity Centre family who placed more than 180 local people in jobs over the course of the shopping centre project. This short film is a celebration of what they achieved together.

Long-term employment for our trainees

Congratulations to our first group of trainees who have now been in gainful employment for 26 weeks or 6 months. The 26 week milestone is an important one as it represents long-term employment for them. We’re so proud of you all and excited about what your future holds!

We've been awarded funding by the Australian Research Council

Dragonfly Launch

We’re supporting the Westmead Redevelopment's Aboriginal Legacy Strategy with a dragonfly artwork, produced by local Darug artist Leanne Tobin, on display at our reception desk. The dragonfly has emerged as an important symbol for Westmead - sharing healing properties from various medicinal bush plants as they fly from one plant to another – and is also the namesake of our address at Dragonfly Drive.

Our Trainees

The Westmead Connectivity Centre was renovated by a group of 10 pre vocational trainees.

This short film documents their experiences on the job, and their thoughts and aspirations for the future.



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